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GG Continues to be the "Guangzhou City famous trademark"
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GG Continues to be the"Guangzhou City famous trademark" in January 2016, which means greatachievement and honor to our company.

This honor proved thedevelopment of the company over the years, and ithas a very importantsignificance to improve the company's reputation and brand image.

Guangzhou famous trademarkis the first goal for Guangzhou local enterprises to achieve. GuangzhouIndustry and Commerce Bureau in accordance with the "Guangzhou City famoustrademark recognition and management practices" requirements, in theidentification process, every step adhere to an open, fair and just principles,by book-style review stage, fieldwork phase, a comprehensive review phase,experts stage, and ultimately from the many brands, screened out of the 297trademark as "2015 Guangzhou City famous trademark." January 6, 2016,the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry announced the list of2015 identified well-known trademarks in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou high card onthe list again. This is another major leap in Guangzhou high-brand strategy group,is another big wide high wedding, it is a new beginning.

In recent years, GG adhereto market-oriented, accelerating technological innovation, uphold the integrityof management, administration, vigorously implement the brand strategy,striving to brand breakthrough. The successful completion of the Guangzhou Cityfamous trademark identified continuity is the result of extensive high Grouphas better implementation of brand strategy, is "wide high card" toprove worthy of the trust to be the best brand is a symbol of the strength ofthe brand, brand value expression, but also the government of "wide highcard," brand building recognition, once again confirms the wide high brandposition in the electrical industry. Guangzhou high-speed Group will seize thecurrent favorable opportunity and make full use of the role of famoustrademarks, make persistent efforts to strive to enterprises bigger andstronger. To promote development of China's electrical industry contributetheir power!