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GG Passed the Electrical Product Certification of the Annual Review
发布时间:2016-03-17 / 来源:

From March 14th to 16th in 2016, the staffs from the power Product Certification Center (Beijing) were divided into three groups to check our company’s production, including Guangzhou high-level 10 ~ 110kV oil-immersed power transformers, dry-type power transformers, modular transformers, wind power transformers, high-voltage switch energy products and other 31 units and 21 units of energy-saving products. They checked the production, quality control, technical, technological and procurement management. Besides, there are also on-site inspections and spot checks of S14-M-200/10, SCB11-800 / 10. Both of them are having transformer relevant tests. The Expert Group draw a conclusion that the technical specifications continue to meet customer requirements, and the performance pumping tested products meet with the level of tested samples. Works were carried out on new product development, product standards, type testing, design and technology, equipment and technology and equipment, production of the process flow of raw materials and products manufactured the whole process of testing, review terms of suppliers, the quality management system audits and other checks to confirm certification products to meet the relevant standards. So far, energy products and energy-saving products due recertification audit have been passed.

This great success is the result of wide high long-term efforts of all staffs, and the company also benefited from the extensive high effective management system works, which plays an important role to enhance the company's core competitiveness, promote market development, and to improve the visibility of the company.